Who we are

The world in which we live, and in which our businesses operate, is changing and changing fast. And nowhere more so than in the motoring sector. Driverless cars are already here, being tested and used. The old concepts of car ownership will change with innovations like this. In ten years only half of us will own our vehicles. The rest will be driverless, pay as you use or shared vehicles. And increasingly all these will be connected. Connected to each other, connected to their users and connected to their destinations.

It’s our mission to ensure that, by uniting deep knowledge and experience in car park management, in traffic management and in smart city solutions, we’re at the forefront of these innovations.

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Our expertise in ANPR technology is a great example of how connectivity can expand the possibilities for a better customer experience. Through our technology we can already automate the whole act of finding, booking and paying for a parking space. We can also link this to retail loyalty apps – meaning that the act of driving into a car park can trigger the delivery of promotional offers.

The Future of Parking

With parking and payment apps being built into cars’ hardware, motoring and parking will be made easier by connectivity, but that connectivity has to have the technology to underpin it. We’re using our expertise and experience to be part of that and Glyde is the brand through which we will be delivering those innovations. Starting with these core offerings:

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