Offer your parking spaces for lease

Are you maximising the revenue you can generate from your parking spaces?
Would you like a hassle-free way to use your business’ assets to help your local community?

If you have unused capacity in your car park, not only are you missing out on an opportunity to increase footfall and custom in your business, but also you could be helping to alleviate congestion and make life easier for the people in your area.

Rent my car park!

Interested in the possibility of increasing revenue by leasing your available parking spaces?
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Commercial parking for rent

Perhaps like many businesses you already sell some spaces to a nearby organisation, or perhaps you’ve thought about it but not acted on it. Through the data our systems capture we can analyse with confidence the number of parking spaces that are not being used and the times at which you could make them available. This will allow you to lease parking spaces that would have been empty and increase revenue.

What’s more, and at zero cost to you, we can use our software and ANPR cameras to manage the administration of parking permits and ensure that:

  • The correct tariffs are charged
  • Payments are taken online and can be automated
  • Abuse of permits or abuse of your car park is managed
  • Spaces are always available for your customers and visitors
  • And, the terms of use which you stipulate are enforced

With over 1600 ANPR sites under management already, you can have confidence that our technology works to identify areas of opportunity and can allow you to make money easily by leasing parking spaces when they aren’t being used. We already have the infrastructure and software in place and what’s more, we have the scale and reach both to make a huge number of spaces available to businesses and communities and to promote the availability of spaces to prospective permit holders.

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