Short & long term contract parking

Where is all the private parking to rent?

There are never enough parking spaces. It’s a fact of modern life.

Traffic congestion is constantly increasing. A lot of it is simply motorists looking for somewhere to park.

Public transport isn’t always practical, which leaves businesses and residents competing for parking spaces near their homes and offices.

  • At any one time, 30% of drivers on UK roads are in city centres searching for a parking space
  • 29% of motorists have abandoned their journeys due to lack of available parking

Motorist trends show that car ownership and the number of vehicles on the road continues to increase.

  • The average driver loses out to the amount of £733 a year hunting for car parking spaces
  • 28% of people have searched for more than 20 minutes for a parking space at their destination

Private and commercial contract parking

Until we’re all car sharing or using driverless cars, we simply need more parking spaces. Freeing up available car park inventory to buy to rent or to lease will help to:

  • alleviate congestion
  • reduce vehicle emissions
  • make a significant contribution to local neighbourhoods and communities.

This is where we come in. Working with our clients we have access to that inventory which can be made available to rent, lease or to solve corporate and commercial parking requirements. What’s more, our technologies automate both the identification and availability of car park capacity, as well as the process through which applications for car parking contracts and car park agreements can be issued and managed.

Parking contract

Whether you have available space in your car park or are looking for a private parking space for rent we can help.

We’re seeing high demand in cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and Brighton, however many of our clients in smaller towns and on commuter routes find they can maximise their parking assets by offering car parking contracts to motorists desperate for a private parking space.

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