Using the good2go parking payment system

good2go is a ticketless system that makes parking easy. It is a revolutionary new product that recognises your car each time you drive in to a good2go car park, calculates how much your stay should cost and then automatically debits the right amount from your account.

Visit, register and next time you park in a good2go car park payment will be dealt with automatically. This means you:

  • Don’t need to find the right change
  • Don’t need to wait in a queue to pay
  • Don’t need to worry about getting back to your car before a ticket runs out
  • Don’t even have to think about paying for parking.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here:


Simply register your details and car registration on our good2go pay for parking website, choose how you want to pay and you're good2go wherever you see our signs!

You can find out more and sign up for good2go here

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