Glyde Loyalty for business

Looking for ways to increase your revenue, site loyalty and provide a positive experience for those who visit your site and park in your car parks? Look no further.

Glyde Loyalty is a local discount app that users of your site download to receive timely local offers and discounts. Sounds good? It gets better.


Glyde has the features of popular loyalty discount apps but with two big USPs

– the offers are specific to the location and participants specified by you
– the app is triggered by ANPR cameras and reminds the registered user to check/redeem the offers when they drive into your car park

The idea is that motorists then choose your car park/retail park over others, hopefully stay longer, spend more and return again because they get timely, local offers and discounts – Genius, we know.


The following Glyde Loyalty options are available:

1. Glyde Loyalty

You can use the app as 'Glyde Loyalty' which is the version of the app that works to notify users when they drive into any Glyde Loyalty site nationwide. There will be an established and growing pool of users who already have Glyde Loyalty and they would find and choose your car park or retail park through the app. With Glyde Loyalty, we manage the whole service and ensure local, timely offers for those who use your car park, therby making people choose it over others due to the benefits they get when they do. You get a share of the advertising revenue from the offers that are shown on the app and also provide a unique user experience which leads to parking loyalty and hopefully longer stays.

2. Glyde Loyalty Whitelabel

You can purchase the license for the app, whitelabel it and use it as your own car parking or retail discount app. With this option you can sell the advertising space to local businesses yourself, keep all of the revenue and create loyalty in your car park or retail park at the same time.

3. Glyde Loyalty Flexible

Speak to us if the above two options don't quite fit your vision for Glyde Loyalty in your car park and we'll do our best to work with you to create a tailored solution.

Glyde Loyalty is a flexible product that can be adapted to suit the requirements of any car park including park and ride locations, town centre car parks, multi-story car parks, workplace car parks, motorway services, supermarkets, hospitals, retail parks and many others.

Contact us today with any questions or for a consultation with one of our team.

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