Glyde loyalty discount app

Glyde Loyalty is a local discount app that shares unique local offers and discounts with regular visitors. It can also remind users of the car park about the offers available if linked with their car.

How does it work?

Users download the Glyde Loyalty app and, if they have a vehicle, enter their vehicle registration.

Within the app users can search and select the Glyde Loyalty site local to them. They will then be given access to all of the unique shopping and restaurant discounts for that area.

Users can browse the offers at their convenience, redeem them when they are ready to use them and also sign up for weekly or monthly discount email reminders for the local offers. Everyone likes a deal right?

Here's the clever part

With Glyde Loyalty, if a user registers a vehicle and then drives into a Glyde car park the ANPR camera will recognise this as a Glyde vehicle, the app will be triggered and a reminder of the unique, timely offers will be sent to the user's phone. This ensures that the user remembers to check and redeem the available offers.

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